FineVu CR-500HD and CR-300HD Installation Instruction

Installing FineVu Dash Camera

Installing the new FineVu CR-500HD is very easy. Most of the work is squeezing and tucking the wires behind the pillars and trim pieces so the install looks nice and clean. The following instructions and illustration may be useful.

  • Insert the included 16GB microSD card into the FineVu dash camera
  • Apply the double sided tape onto the mounting bracket. Find a good spot on the windshield - normally behind or beside the rear view mirror
  • Attach the CR-500HD dash cam to the bracket.
  • Plan the wiring along the roofline, A-pillar around the windshield, and towards the cigarette lighter
  • Connect the power cable and plug in the cig-lighter adapter
  • Optional Power Kit - when using the optional FineVu Power Kit, you must find a fuse that constantly supply 12V even when your ignition is off. Check with a multimeter. Clip the red wire with the fuse, and connect the black wire's Y-connector to a metal screw for negative ground